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Self-Employed and Filing For Bankruptcy in Ohio

When you own your own business, you may be fearful that the bankruptcy process will be much too difficult to complete. While the process of filing for bankruptcy when you are self-employed is much the same as if you worked for a company, you must com… Read More
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Bankruptcy in Hollywood: It Can Happen to Anyone

When we talk about bankruptcy, we often are referencing everyday people. The ones we work with and socialize with. We’re talking about our family members and friends. But, there is often this misconception that bankruptcy is only declared by the wo… Read More
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Why File For Bankruptcy Over a Debt Relief Program in Columbus, Ohio

When you face financial struggles, you may be unsure of what options exist for you to have a financial restart and to get on with life. Two of the most common options individuals decide between is a debt relief program or bankruptcy. If you live in C… Read More
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Can Filing For Bankruptcy Impact My Employment?

Filing for bankruptcy can be incredibly stressful. You may worry people will find out and think of you differently. And then there is the added stress of your employer finding out. But can filing for bankruptcy impact your employment in Ohio? Will Fi… Read More
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Modify Your Bankruptcy Plan in Columbus and Reynoldsburg, Ohio

So you’ve filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and have been doing your best to repay your creditors. But then life changes occur, and the repayments are starting to become too much of a financial burden. Is there anything that can be done? The answer i… Read More
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Will Filing for Bankruptcy in Reynoldsburg, Ohio Stop a Foreclosure?

While you didn’t plan for it, as many of us do not, falling on hard times can happen. And when it does, your first concern will most likely be what will happen to your home. With creditors calling and the looming possibility of losing your home to… Read More
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Individual Bankruptcy Vs. Joint Bankruptcy: Options for Married Couples in Ohio

You and your spouse may be looking at your finances and your growing debts. While you are ready to begin the process of filing for bankruptcy, there are options for married couples in Ohio to file for individual or joint bankruptcy. But what is your… Read More
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Don’t Fall For These Five Bankruptcy Myths

Many individuals fear the lasting repercussions of filing for bankruptcy, keeping them from restarting their financial slate. But the reality is, most of these fears are myths. Learn how the Jones Law Firm can help assuage your bankruptcy woes as we… Read More
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Helping Individuals and Families Regain Control of Their Financial Futures

I am excited to open The Jones Law Firm. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the mission of this firm and to also introduce myself. My goal is to help people in this community facing financial difficulties. I understand debt and financial… Read More
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Michael Ryan Jones

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Michael Ryan Jones is committed to assisting individuals facing financial distress. He has helped hundreds of clients achieve a financial fresh start by filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you hire The Jones Law Firm, you can be assured that Michael will personally assist you every step of the way.
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